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Progress for the LGBTQ+ Youth Who Need Us Most

Progress for the LGBTQ+ Youth Who Need Us Most

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eQuality Pilot Implementation Final Evaluation Report

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Two Spirit 101

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Creating Safer and More Affirming Systems of Care for LGBTQ+ Youth

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At the Margins, but not Beyond Our Reach: The Basics for Supporting LGBTQ+ Survivors of Trafficking

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eQuality Principles Poster

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Safe Space Poster

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Needs Assessment of LGBTQ+ Youth in the Sex Trade

SOGIE Questionnaire Guide

 Let’s Talk About Who You Are: Guide for Staff 

General Guidelines: 

  • Please review the informed consent portion of the Questionnaire on page 1 before administering the questionnaire.
  • Please administer the Questionnaire with the youth, having the youth write in responses and discussing questions and answers as needed. The Youth should not complete the Questionnaire without you.
  • The role of staff is to help explain questions and use the questionnaire to learn more about youth, but not to direct youth how to answer. Staff should always provide youth with the ability to answer or not answer as they see fit. 

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eQuality Implementation: Frequently Asked Questions

The Center for Children & Youth Justice’s (CCYJ) eQuality Project’s implementation of the Protocol for Safe & Affirming Care has prompted questions and concerns among both the professionals, volunteers, caregivers, and youth participating in the project and those who interact with participants. It is important to address these questions and concerns and remind those involved or impacted by the project of its fundamental purpose: to better ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all youth involved in systems of care.

The following is a list of frequently asked questions—and responses—about the project and similar projects across the country. Click here for PDF

Overcome with Community: Lessons from My Lived Experience as an LGBTQ+ Survivor of Domestic Sex Trafficking by Jose Alfaro

2020 eQuality Convening

Celebrating Our Magic: Resources for American Indian/Alaska Native Transgender and Two-Spirit Youth, Their Relatives and Families, and Their Healthcare Providers